ICON Group returns to work on critical infrastructure projects

ICON Group returns to work on critical infrastructure projects

26 May 2020. It has been widely reported that South Africa’s construction industry has been eager to return to work after construction across the country came to a halt in accordance with government restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic. While ‘critical public works construction’ was still allowed under pandemic alert level five, ‘other public works civil engineering projects’ have been permitted under level four. 

Under level four, the ICON Group was able to return to work on sites deemed as ‘critical infrastructure’ development. “We understand that the disruptions to our work schedule were absolutely necessary in the face of the pandemic, and we have ensured strict compliance in alignment with the mandated regulations and directives,” comments Wayne Neary, ICON Group MD. 

Now, with the allowance of all construction to resume under level three, the company will start returning to work on all its sites from 1 June. In the meantime, the ICON Group has resumed work on its projects where the end-user means the project falls under civil infrastructure works allowed under level four. The company is underway with its fourth project for Joburg Water and looks forward to catching up on lost time and maintaining its reputation for efficient project delivery. 

Commenting on the effect of the pandemic on the business, Neary says the company has been largely sheltered and has thus remained ready for action. “Thankfully, we have a well-established business with resources built up and paid for over time which ensures we can resume work as and when possible.”

As restrictions slowly ease, many businesses are having to consider how to get back into action while still ensuring health and safety is kept top of mind. Neary says: “We have purchased all the required safety equipment, PPE, etc., and have conducted extensive training with our staff on all aspects of health and safety. Additionally, we still require that those who can work remotely continue to do so.”

“The next challenge for the ICON Group will be to ensure that we can restore full production while ensuring our employees, clients and suppliers remain safe,” concludes Neary.