Making up for lost time: ICON’s state-of-the-art construction equipment key to achieving fast project delivery

Making up for lost time: ICON’s state-of-the-art construction equipment key to achieving fast project delivery

5th June 2020. As South Africa’s lockdown restrictions slowly lift and more industries return to work, the ICON Group welcomes the government’s announcement that all construction may recommence under level 3. The company looks forward to returning to its projects across the country, many of which were on hold under lockdown levels 4 and 5. 

“While the delays to our projects were understandable and unavoidable, we know that time is money when it comes to the construction and property development business,” comments Wayne Neary, ICON Group’s Managing Director. “We are fortunate that we own our very own state-of-the-art equipment, which is sure to help us get projects back on track for our clients. It means we can jump into action, and not waste time renting and transporting equipment.”

The company has found their hydraulic hammers especially helpful on dolomitic and rocky ground conditions which require a large amount of rock breaking and crushing. Excavations can become extremely tricky in areas with large level variations resulting in peaks and valleys, which can be cause for delay. “Having our own hydraulic hammers means we can deal with rocky obstructions on site and in some cases use the crushed rock for other purposes,” comments Neary.

“We also recently invested in state-of-the-art impact rollers which help us cut compaction costs and contract program time,” he says. Available in both three- and five-sided versions, the rollers are all newly built to the highest specifications and quality, ensuring maximum availability on your site. 

The five-sided impact roller is general-purpose and most useful for earthworks where material needs to be placed in thick layers. Depending on the material type, fill can be placed in layers 500mm to 700mm thick and more. This gives the compactor an output of about 2000 m³ per hour. “When you consider that a vibration roller has an output of about 300 m³ per hour, you can understand why our new equipment is sure to be a time-saver,” comments Neary. 

The three-sided roller is best for compaction of in situ material on sites where deep compaction is required. Offering greater depth of influence than conventional equipment, the three-sided compactor usually makes it possible to satisfactorily compact soil from the surface instead of having to remove the soil and replace it in layers. 

“We are pleased to be able to offer our fleet of exclusive machinery to the South African construction industry. We look forward to getting back on track with our ongoing projects, as well as getting started on new projects which were in the pipeline prior to the enforcement of hard lockdown,” concludes Neary.