Iritron Enabling Technologies for Smart Mining, Manufacturing and Process Objectives at MESA Africa 2023

Iritron Enabling Technologies for Smart Mining, Manufacturing and Process Objectives at MESA Africa 2023

23 November 2023: Iritron, leaders in industrial automation and control systems integration, and platinum sponsors at the recent MESA Africa 2023 Summit, presented 2 papers focused on enabling smart technologies in the mining, manufacturing and process industries.

The MESA Africa 2023 Summit, that took place close to Johannesburg during November this year, featured presentations by an array of exceptional thought leaders who shared their future vision for the manufacturing and technology industries. As a prominent industry association MESA Africa is dedicated to driving the adoption and implementation of smart mining, manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies in Africa. With a strong focus on collaboration, knowledge sharing and thought leadership, MESA Africa plays a vital role in advancing manufacturing excellence across the continent.

Iritron’s Divisional Manager Gerhard Greeff is Chairperson of the MESA Africa Advisory Committee guiding MESA Africa’s strategic direction and shaping its initiatives. With over 25 years of experience in the field of industrial automation, his wealth of expertise, leadership qualities, innovative mind-set, commitment to driving excellence, and industry insight are invaluable qualities for the position. Greeff has been a part of the MESA organisation in South Africa since 2007, providing a platform and network to share knowledge, thought leadership and lessons learned industrywide.

Greeff’s first presentation during the event focused on ‘The Impact of Computer Engineering as Defined Engineering Work’; outlining the objectives of the Identification of Engineering Work (IoEW) to ensure accountability and regulate computer engineering activities.


His presentation explained that Computer Engineering (as defined by the National Regulation) include:

  • Conducting research and developing new or improving theories and methods related to computer and software engineering
  • Advising on and designing computer-based systems or components, systems equipment, software and distribution centers
  • Specifying production or installation methods, materials, quality and safety standards and directing production or installation work of computer-based products, software and systems
  • Supervising, controlling, developing and monitoring the operation and maintenance of computer-based systems, software, networks and equipment
  • Organising and directing maintenance and repair of existing computer-based systems, programs and equipment
  • Researching and advising on computer-based equipment and software
  • Planning and designing computer-based communications networks based on wired, fiber optical and wireless communication media and ultra-high-speed data networks
  • System analysis, designing and developing complex computer-based systems and implementing these through appropriate choice of hardware and managing the development the necessary software
  • Determining manufacturing methods for computer-based systems as well as the maintenance and repair of existing computer-based systems, networks and equipment
  • Designing usable and fit for purpose products
  • Identifying and involving all stakeholders in the design process

In another presentation, Greeff introduced the MESA Global Education program. In this session he explained that “The MESA organisation has evolved with technology and has just released a new dynamic model to explain the interaction between business objectives, business process lifecycles, cross-lifecycle threads and enabling technologies to achieve smart mining, manufacturing and processing.”.

Neels Van Der Walt – Iritron’s Business Development Manager also took centre stage with a presentation entitled – Smart Mining Operations Management that defined the discipline outlining the significance of:

  • Smart Mining Operations Management Systems
  • Smart Mining Dimensions and Trends 2023
  • The Industrial Information and Analytics Landscape
  • Industrial Analytics Data Hub & Platform

His Presentation offered an approach that included 8 Tips for Implementing Smart Mining Operations Management, while providing an example of Smart Mining Operations Management with project references.


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