Lifeline 5™ Extends Safety and Conveyor Systems Lifespan – Improving Safety Increasing Productivity!

Lifeline 5™ Extends Safety and Conveyor Systems Lifespan – Improving Safety Increasing Productivity!

22 November 2023: The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster Lifeline 5™ range of cable-pull switches available from Referro Systems, not only improves safety of both personnel and equipment, these rugged switches assist in extending the lifespan of conveyor systems under unwanted site conditions.

Adrian van Wyk, Referro Systems, Managing Director explains, “Traditional cable-pull switches are prone to nuisance trips and unreliable operation due to temperature-based changes in cable tension as well as slack or non-existing pull cables as not all cable pull systems are even tensioned. The solid-state operation of the Lifeline 5™ offers an electronic monitoring system to compensate for thermal expansion and cable sag as well as are a tensioned system which “understands” the difference of the pull cable being present or not. These safety switches are focused on improving safety without sacrificing productivity.”

Available in die-cast aluminium or rugged, stainless-steel housings with IP66 and IP67 (IP69K) environmental ratings, respectively, the Lifeline 5™ safety switch helps optimise productivity by combining maximum reliability with diagnostics that can help prevent unplanned downtime without compromising safety. The die-cast aluminium model also offers an optional, integrated E-stop button for even greater application flexibility.

“As the Lifeline 5™ is a solid-state switch the mechanical wear often associated with traditional switches is mitigated resulting in increased uptime with improved safety over a longer lifecycle saving on both maintenance and improving the lifespan of your conveyor belt system,” states van Wyk.

The Lifeline 5™ safety switch provides constant access to the E-stop function, enabling a machine hazard to be stopped with a simple pull of the attached cable or a push of the onboard E-stop. The patented, microprocessor-based solution simplifies setup and allows for more efficient maintenance and troubleshooting. The easy-to-see 270° LED integrated indicators assist in cable tensioning for quick, precise setup while providing clearly visible switch status and diagnostics during operation.

Offering the same bolt pattern as previous Lifeline 4™ versions ensures that retrofitting the Lifeline 5™ cable-pull switches into an existing Lifeline 4™ system is easily achieved.  With 270° LEDs for set up and diagnostics and up to 100m cable span this completely sealed, solid-state and micro-processor based switch with an extended temperature range is internationally certified and with its rugged construction is designed for local operating conditions providing overall personell safety and machine safety in a single device




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