Referro Systems introduces Cu-flex’s versatile flexible copper busbar

Referro Systems introduces Cu-flex’s versatile flexible copper busbar

20 March 2024: Referro Systems, a sales and distribution company specialising in the supply and support of industrial electrical, automation and global software and hardware brands, is now able to offer the Cubic product range of Cu-Flex flexible copper busbars.

This follows as Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, completed the acquisition of CUBIC, a company that specializes in modular systems for the construction of electrical panels on October 31, 2022, providing Rockwell Automation’s global network of distributors access to this advanced product range. Referro Systems, an authorised distributor of Rockwell Automation products in South Africa are ready to provide these products into their market place.

Applications for flexible busbars

Due to their versatile properties, Cu-flex busbars have applications in many industries. The flexibility, high electrical conductivity and durability make it an ideal solution where safe, reliable electrical connections and current-carrying capabilities are required:

  • Electrical Connections: Cu-flex busbars provide a reliable and low-resistance connection between components, such as transformers, circuit breakers and busbars. They are particularly useful where vibrations, thermal expansion or movement could cause rigid connections to fail. Cu-flex busbars also offer flexibility to accommodate changes or additions to the systems
  • Power Distribution: The busbars can be used to connect large electrical equipment, such as generators and substations
  • Automotive Industry: Cu-flex busbars can be used for grounding and connecting various electrical components
  • Power Electronics: In power electronics devices like inverters and rectifiers, Cu-flex busbars can be used to connect semiconductor devices, capacitors and other components
  • Renewable Energy: Wind turbines and solar inverters can benefit from the flexible copper bars to interconnect components and carry high currents generated by renewable energy sources
  • Aerospace and Aviation: The busbars can be used in aircraft wiring and electrical systems where weight savings and flexibility are essential
  • Industrial Machinery: Flexible copper bars can be used for power transmission, control systems and motor connections
  • Battery Systems: In large-scale energy storage systems or electric vehicles, Cu-flex busbars can be used to connect battery cells or modules.

A Cu-flex flexible copper busbar is made of strands of copper wires that are woven into a flexible busbar. Using a proprietary technique, the ends of the busbar are forged into a solid unit. The insulated and flexible busbar provides time saving and maintenance-free connection contact surfaces for motor control centres, switchboards or industrial control panels.

The busbars are supplied ready for use without the need to spend time on shortening, stripping the wires, making holes, or complicated bends.

Cu-flex has been tested and approved under various authorities such as DEKRA and DNV, and in addition Cu-flex is UL recognized in category “Component – Panel board and Switchboard Accessories”.

Cu-flex busbars are supplied ready for use in a wide array of lengths and sizes. The high flexibility of Cu-flex makes it a straightforward and easy product to install or to use for modifying an existing installation.

With a track record of more than 24 years in business, Referro Systems reputation of excellent pre and post-sales support to some of the world’s leading brands is extended to customers of the new Cu-flex busbar range.


About Referro Systems:

Referro Systems is a sales and distribution company for many of the world’s leading electrical, automation and global software and hardware brands across industrial and commercial sectors. The Level 2 BBBEE company supplies best-in-class industrial automation, electrical control and instrumentation fit-for-purpose and provides cost-effective solutions.

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