The South African Institution of Civil Engineering statement on the appointment of South Africa’s new cabinet

The South African Institution of Civil Engineering statement on the appointment of South Africa’s new cabinet

The South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) acknowledges the newly appointed cabinet of the South African government. Representing over 15 000 civil engineering professionals in South Africa, SAICE is committed to collaborating with government to address the nation’s infrastructure challenges and foster economic growth by so doing.

SAICE acknowledges the vital role that infrastructure plays in advancing the nation’s development, alleviating poverty, and achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. South Africa benefits from comprehensive policy frameworks, like the National Development Plan (NDP2030) and the National Infrastructure Plan 2050, which offer a strategic roadmap for infrastructure investment and economic growth. While the SAICE Infrastructure Report Card (IRC) of 2022 highlighted areas needing improvement with an overall grade of ‘D’, it also presents an opportunity for collaboration and innovation to enhance our public infrastructure. By working together, we can ensure these critical systems meet the nation’s needs and support a sustainable future.

SAICE looks forward to engaging the new cabinet to address the infrastructure disparities identified in the IRC. This includes strategic means to address the challenges faced in the  transportation,  energy, and water  sectors, as well as the need for innovative funding mechanisms, good governance, and the professionalisation of the civil engineering industry. Reinforcing technical capacity in public institutions and ensuring technical decision-makers are involved throughout the infrastructure project life cycle are essential steps to ensuring good governance and a sustainable economy.

Through collaboration, SAICE aims to drive excellence and innovation in civil engineering to meet societal needs and by working with government, we can drive the necessary reforms and attract the required investments to revitalise South Africa’s infrastructure to unlock its full economic potential. SAICE remains dedicated to promoting growth, excellence and sustainability in the industry, and we look forward to ongoing dialogue and collaboration with government to achieve these goals.




The South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) is a learned society and voluntary organisation that acts as a catalyst for innovation and good practice in the development of the civil engineering profession. SAICE has a membership base in excess of 15 000 civil engineering professionals, and is involved in the development of policies, standards, structures and systems that impact infrastructure at national and international levels.

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