2022 Design Trends

2022 Design Trends

Design trends are ever-changing, and our team makes it their mission to constantly stay ahead of the curve by researching and implementing new trends. We believe that this is crucial, no matter what industry you are in. Our designers compiled a list of design trends they believe will dominate 2022, and we have decided to share this with you:

Inclusive Design

If there is one thing we all need to be, it is inclusive. This concept is not a new one and deserves more attention when it comes to graphics. So often, designs fail to be inclusive of all races, genders, and disabilities. Make sure to represent all minority groups in your company’s designs. This is the way forward and often how consumers or potential clients will perceive your brand.

Trending Font

As a subcategory of design trends, font styles come and go just as quickly. We think it is crucial to take note of trending fonts by taking inspiration from brands around you. Notice patterns and incorporate them into your work. For this year, our designers have noticed a lean towards fonts with a twist, something a little funkier than usual (just look at the Squid Games font). If that is not your style, then the second noticeable font trend for 2022 is an oldie but a goodie: Serif fonts have bounced back into fashion.

Hand-drawn Elements

As a more technical design feature, hand-drawn elements are in high demand. Not always easy to include in your designs, but this kind of detail is regularly worth it. In recent years, designers have leaned towards geometric minimalism, but this artist-to-digital trend of bringing in more freeform styles is on the rise. It is more approachable and unique, allowing room for your brand to stand apart from the others.

Vivid Neon Background

At SWM, we are no stranger to neon backgrounds with our predominantly green logo, so this is a great trend for us to implement in our own designs. The concept of bright colours attracting attention is nothing new but after the subtle toned minimalist trends of the past two years, it is nice to branch out into something loud this year. Aim to incorporate neon colours that align with your brand or your client’s aesthetic to easily feature this trend in your work this year. An easy way to do so is through the use of colourful icons and illustrations. Our SWM social media designs are full of these elements. Follow us on social media to see how we incorporate the above trends into our graphics throughout 2022.


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