Build a better relationship with LinkedIn

Build a better relationship with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a career-focused social networking platform with multiple career-enhancing features. If used correctly, you can learn, get inspired, share your expertise, and even find new opportunities. In order to build a better relationship with this fantastic platform, you’ll need to follow a few steps first:

Step 1: Update your profile

Your profile is the most important part of LinkedIn. It is one of the core features on this platform that aim to promote you as an individual. As your online CV, it needs to be up to date. Your profile picture needs to be a professional-looking headshot – please, no selfies. You should also think about your cover image. If you are using LinkedIn to promote your current employer, your cover photo should almost look like a company billboard. Consider including a call to action to “connect with me and let’s talk about…”. If you are using LinkedIn to promote yourself and look for work, your cover image should align to your passion, expertise, or career goals.

Your “about me” section is also vital, but it must be brief while at the same time being well articulated. Don’t just list your skills here, people can see that below. It also doesn’t need to explain your entire career or your current job. Rather focus on your personality and your passion – related to work, of course.

Step 2: Share relevant content

LinkedIn is a professional platform, so make sure you only share or post professional content related to work or your industry. Nobody on LinkedIn wants to see posts about your family vacation – keep that on Facebook. Update your connections on workplace achievements, courses you’ve completed, relevant articles you’ve read and job-related advertisements. At a stretch, you could post about politics insofar as policies and government movements impacting your job or industry.

Step 3: Connect

LinkedIn is a virtual networking platform, so use it that way. You need to connect with people in your industry, which will increase the kind of professional content you see on your feed. Follow industry bodies or companies to learn from them and gain inspiration for your own workplace. The aim is to connect or follow people that will add value to your professional life, not distract you. And, who knows, maybe an interesting opportunity will come out of one of your connections.

If this is all too overwhelming for you, you are not alone. SWM Communications has helped many people improve their relationship with LinkedIn. If you aren’t sure what do to, consider using one of our LinkedIn experts to audit and revamp your profile, giving you a chance to shine online.