Don’t think Instagram is suitable for business? Think again…

Don’t think Instagram is suitable for business? Think again…

It is common knowledge that you can’t be a successful business operating in the 21st century without a social media presence. After all, there’s an entire social media site dedicated just for business – LinkedIn. Facebook, too, has realised it’s user demographics are no longer limited to teenagers and students, and has launched Facebook for Business. But there is another site worth considering for your business’s social media plan, and its no longer for just the Kardashians of the world – Instagram. Here are five reasons to consider getting on ‘The Gram’.

1. It appeals to today’s short attention spans

Today’s consumers read less than ever before and have an ever-decreasing attention span. They want colourful, easily digestible information. Instagram is more visual than any other social media tool you might be considering, featuring large, screen-width images with captions that cut off after two lines. This makes it perfect for showcasing products and so it’s understandable that it’s a popular tool for the fashion and beauty industry. However, don’t think that just because you are in the services industry or offer an “unglamorous” product that you can’t gain a dedicated following. There are many creative ways to appeal to your niche on Instagram – just ask us!

2. It’s interactive

More than just posts on a newsfeed, Instagram offers the ability to post “stories” – a pop-up full-screen feature which displays on your followers’ story feeds for just 24 hours. It not only offers the chance to take over your market’s screen with your message, but also provides easy ways to get feedback from followers by simply using the customisable add-ons available in the app’s story creator. Polls, open-ended questions, quizzes, and countdowns can be added to your story to entice your followers to engage. With the press of a button you can ask your market if they prefer Mac or Microsoft. What’s better, with a press of a button, they can respond. Easy peasy.

3. It’s targeted and measurable

Instagram makes it easy to execute a targeted campaign and receive detailed feedback. Everyone you are interacting with has a profile including their demographics, and they follow hashtags that you can use to ensure you feature on their newsfeed. Additionally, Instagram can even tell you which days and what time you should post, depending on the industry/market you are trying to access. Once you have posted, you can find out how many people viewed and engaged with your brand, how long they engaged for, if they shared your post and – if you really want to – you can personally thanks them through a tag or direct message (depending on their settings).

4. It’s free

Setting up an Instagram for Business account costs nothing, and you can do a lot with it it before spending money on advertising. Hashtags, personal engagement and strong visuals can get you a long way; you just need to ensure you are providing content people want. What’s more, if you decide to spend on advertising, you can set up your campaign customised to your budget, your target audience and your preferred timeframe.

5. Your competitors are doing it

With more than 25 million companies worldwide already using Instagram for Business, chances are high that you won’t be the first in your industry to join the masses. Think it’s not for you because you are an engineering company, tech start-up or law firm? Think again. As long as you know how to package your brand, you can succeed in gaining an Instagram following.

We are here to help

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