How to write the perfect press release about your technical project

How to write the perfect press release about your technical project

A great way to promote your business is to talk about past successes and projects which demonstrate your proficiency. Press releases in the form of mini case studies are one way to educate your target market on what you are capable of. This is especially helpful in technical and engineering industries, where your customers might need some help understanding what you do. However, you can’t just ramble off facts and figures. You need to shape the story with helpful details. We write these for our clients all the time and have decided to let you in on our secret formula.

  1. Set the scene with precision

Get started by providing context by simply answering the who, where and when questions. Mention your company, as well as the client. Give details about where the project took place and when it happened (hopefully it was fairly recently. Don’t wait too long to promote a project). If you think the reader might not be familiar with your company or your client, provide some brief information about both.

  1. Explain the problem and your solution

Next, you want to get to the why and how. Explain the problem you were brought in to solve and provide details of your solution. Remember to jazz it up. Even if is the most common problem (e.g., being hungry), which is solved by the most common solution (e.g., a hamburger), this is an opportunity to detail why your solution was superior.

  1. Give some juicy detail

Now that your reader has a well-rounded understanding of the project, you can jump into the details which might be helpful to them – or just plain impressive. Mention the value of the contract/project, as this will help to educate customers on what they could expect from your firm. Discuss the unique challenges you might have experienced during the project, and how you went above and beyond to achieve them (Beef shortage? “We leveraged our close relationships with suppliers to ensure we received priority delivery of our hamburger patties, so that we could satisfy customers without delay”).

  1. Go beyond profit – mention people and planet

If it’s applicable, mention any link to an environmental sustainability or social responsibility angle. Your project might have some positive peripheral details involving people (e.g., local employment of a burger flipper) or planet (e.g., sustainably-sourced, free-range beef) which you may not have even realised. These details are important because today’s consumers are very conscious of such issues.

  1. End on a positive note

It’s always a good idea to end the press release with a positive spin. This can be a quote from a spokesperson or client about how they enjoyed the project, or perhaps news of an exciting new project in the works. Maybe you want to end with general commentary about the positive outlook of your industry. You get the picture – it’s about leaving a good taste in the mouth.

This five-step formula is sure to set you up for success the next time you want to promote a project. It’s great for a press release, but you can also use this formula for writing about projects on your website. Build up your portfolio with the right mix of helpful information, and business promotion. If you have all of the information but no one to write it up, contact us. We have professionals dedicated to this, and who are ready to shine the light on your recent successes.