Why you can’t use the same PR strategy for every client

Why you can’t use the same PR strategy for every client

Public relations (PR) is not “one size fits all”. If it was that simple, then anyone could do it. You need to be able to tailor your approach to each client. We have come up with three simple ways to ensure you create the best PR strategy for each of your clients.

Different target audiences

Each client is unique in their own way, in their offerings, business models and ideas. The same goes for their target audiences; some clients may have a very specific group they aim to attract whilst others target a far broader audience. Nonetheless, their PR and marketing strategies need to suit this. The first thing to do is chat with your client to discover who their audience is. Once that is done, you can begin researching different tactics and content to attract this group’s attention. Often there is some trial and error until you find the right match.

Different goals

As mentioned above, all clients are unique, therefore it is safe to assume their goals are too. Some clients could be sales-orientated, and others could be trying to build their brand up as a thought leader or major industry body. Their goals thus influence the PR strategy you need to apply. The way in which you present your client’s brand will either achieve or detract from their goals, so be careful. For example, if they want to attract new clients, you need to focus on advertising their services/products, driving traffic to their website, and using call to actions.

Analyse their industry and competitors

In order to stand out, you need to understand your client’s competitors. This way you can determine what you need to do to bolster your client’s brand. Research their industry, and investigate the front-runners to understand why they are so successful. It may also help to see what doesn’t work – so you can avoid it. Let others make the mistakes whilst you learn and improve.

It is all about creating the right fit. We have done this for ourselves at SWM Communications, where our strengths clearly lie within our targeted clientele of built environment and technology firms. By having a targeted client base, we understand the overall industry, and have the right media contacts and knowledge. This allows time for us to discover what makes each client unique, and develop a well-suited strategy.