Why you should start a relationship with WhatsApp business

Why you should start a relationship with WhatsApp business

WhatsApp released its ‘WhatsApp for business’ application in January of 2018. The idea was that the 450 million daily active WhatsApp users would be able to message their favourite brands/businesses. It has since become an easy communication platform providing simple information to consumers through one-on-one communications with a company representative.

Our favourite features

First and foremost, our favourite feature is the Automated Messages function. When a customer sends you a message, they will be greeted immediately. This gives off the impression of efficiency and makes consumers feel attended to.

It also tells the consumer/client whether you are available to converse, how to reach you, and when you are closed. It can be used as a digital information bulletin. You also have the option to add Quick Replies, allowing you to save frequently asked questions and insert predetermined replies. Another favourite feature is the Interactive Business Messages, which allow users to answer with predetermined options without having to type the answer in manually. It’s totally customisable, which we love!

Organisation and targeting

Targeting the right people is the key to growing your business. WhatsApp Business allows you to easily organise your contacts. This is done with a simple labelling feature. Just tap Menu button > labels. You can now categorise your contacts into useful groups such as protentional or recurring clients. Different contacts require different messages. The labelling feature should help you to contact your contacts in a personalised manner, making for more successful sales.

Message Statistics

We are all about stats, and if there is a way to track progress then we want it. WhatsApp for business allows for direct and effortless communication between you and your clients/customers. But how do you know it is working for you? Go to the Menu button > Settings > Business Settings > Statistics. This will help you to improve your strategy and achieve your goals.

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